Believe: A New Chapter

Believe: A New Chapter

One of the things they don’t tell you on your wedding day is that it doesn’t matter where you get married – it only matters where you get divorced.

California, where I currently live, is one of six states in the U.S. that practices community property law, which means that anything created or earned while married is 50% owned by your spouse.

And since my soon-to-be ex-husband is using California law to claim ownership of the two brands I created, Turf to Surf (blog) and Chase the Story (YouTube Channel), the only way to continue writing and publishing on my own platform is to start an entirely new brand where I can create content without being stopped by divorce lawyers.

If that all sounds kind of grim and jaw-clenchingly angrifying – well, yeah. It’s been quite the year so far.

But here’s something I wasn’t expecting to feel: excitement. I mean, it’s a feeling that has only just started to rise up out of the ashes of sadness and depression. But it’s there.

You know that moment when you crack open a new journal and write your first few words on the very first page? Or the way your stomach clenches when the gun goes off at the start of a marathon you’ve spent months training for? So much possibility lies in waiting in those moments.

Fresh starts are amazing – and sometimes, they fix everything. They can also be terrifying, because they require a leap into the unknown.

But let’s back up a second, so we both know exactly what we’re getting into as this thing leaves the harbor.

My blog Turf to Surf (where I’m currently not permitted to publish) is a sailing-travel-adventure blog that I started in 2012 when I sailed out of New York with my ex on our Catalina 34, Hideaway. The YouTube Channel, Chase the Story, where I’m also not permitted to publish, I created as a sailing video blog in 2015 when we bought a new boat, and I wanted a creative adventure to keep me engaged and stimulated while Ryan was on his dream mission to sail around the world.

It was never my dream to sail around the world. My dream was always to write and make a living as a writer – a dream I am now clawing my way back to. Don’t get me wrong – I was more than happy to live on a boat full-time and support my husband in achieving his dreams, so long as there was room for me to achieve my dreams.

Unfortunately, I later discovered there wasn’t.

“WTF Happened, Tasha?”

tasha hacker cheeky monkey sailing
s/v Cheeky Monkey, the ultimate dream boat

Over the course of the last year and a half, since Ryan and I went our separate ways, I’ve received countless emails and messages from fans who’ve followed my sailing and travel adventures on board Hideaway and Cheeky Monkey. The messages have ranged from expressions of sorrow that Ryan and I have split to inquiries into what went wrong. After all, the people who have followed and supported my adventures – thank you, by the way — often dream of doing similar adventures with their partners.

Understandably, some of these people have asked me if I could describe what went wrong with the relationship. Was it being on a boat together for 5 years, was that what did it? They want to know because they are looking to sail away from safe harbor themselves with their loved ones. So, they see me as a cautionary tale. Is there something they could take away from this experience so they can avoid my pitfalls and achieve happiness and success? Without the relationship ending?

These emails have been difficult for me to answer, so I apologize to those who have written to me and have not received a response.

To be honest, it’s just hard, you guys. These are not questions I can answer without digging up a lot of emotional pain, and, even still, I’m not sure I have any solutions for the unique conflicts other couples experience in their own relationships, not to mention the unique conflicts that arise when navigating a small boat around the world together. Every relationship is different, obviously. And not every couple will thrive in a small floating space on the ocean with only their partner to rely on for emotional support.

Looking back on the end of any relationship, there’s never just one thing you can point to as the reason for its demise. It’s often a confluence of circumstances that build to a breaking point. That is certainly how I would summarize the roller-coaster of my 12-year marriage, with the last 2 years of conflict death-spiraling around the grief I felt over losing my father, which curiously morphed into an intense desire to have a baby. The intensity of my emotions enveloped me like a lead cloak, making it so much harder to move with confidence in any direction as I buckled under the weight of my pain. And yet I had already committed myself to a dream-come-true mission: to sail around the world with my husband; a mission so intense that it left me with no time or space to grieve.

But the issues certainly didn’t start there. Fertility hormones and the increasing conflicts between my dreams and Ryan’s dreams made a lot of existing issues much more acute and much harder to move past as time went on.

It soon became clear that though Ryan said he supported what I wanted to do with my life, his actions said this was only true so long as my dreams (and my grief) didn’t inconvenience him in any way.

And, well, babies are rather inconvenient, among other things.

But back to this new blog, this fresh new carpet of snow I can’t wait to leave my ski tracks all over.

tasha's turf skiing powder
Skiing in Tahoe is one of the things that brings me joy

Setting A New Course

This isn’t a blog about divorce – though that may come up from time to time, in the context of what’s happening in my life. This blog is about setting a new course and creating a future for myself that hopefully brings me greater happiness without anyone standing in the way of my dreams.

In fact, let’s get really specific.

It’s about a single, 41-year-old adventurer who wants to be a mother and a writer and to continue to live the adventurous life she’s been living for the past 19 years.

Do you think that’s possible?

I’m kidding. Of course it is. I mean, I think it is…right?

I guess that’s the question I’m asking the universe…can a single woman in her 40s have a baby on her own while pursuing physically demanding adventures and a creatively demanding career path?

Are you nodding your head “yes”?

(Thank goodness. I knew we were going to get along.)

Let’s Talk Babies For A Minute

windtraveler babies
These adorable kids belong to my friend Brittany (

This isn’t going to be a blog about fertility, either – although, again, this issue looms large in my life at the moment, so it’s inevitable that it will come up here and there.

For anyone who is interested, this is where things are right now:

Though my journey with IVF (in vitro fertilization) was cut short a year ago, I have started going to the fertility clinic again, this time to see about getting pregnant on my own with a sperm donor. Currently, I have one frozen female embryo that will have to be destroyed because it was created with Ryan’s sperm. And I have 8 frozen eggs that were extracted when I returned to Lake Tahoe last year alone, after I left Cheeky Monkey in Tahiti.

The original plan was to continue the IVF process, but since I returned to the fertility clinic with no husband or sperm, I did an egg retrieval and then took time off from fertility hormones to get some perspective on my life.

One of the pains of being a woman is that fertility has a deadline in a way that it doesn’t for most men. It creates a kind of anxiety that caring, emotionally intelligent men can perhaps sympathize with, but never really feel – the acute and overwhelming sense of urgency that comes with being an aging woman who wants to be a mother before her womb shrivels up forever.

And, sure, the anxiety I feel about my loudly ticking biological clock is distressing. But it is nothing compared to the anxiety I feel about embarking on this journey to be a mother…alone.

Add to that the pressure to find my perfect biological match…in the next few months.

Browsing sperm donor profiles is like browsing online dating profiles, if dating profiles only displayed childhood pictures along with a bio that describes the donor’s racial makeup, career path and what their mothers think of them.

Clicking through profiles, I wonder what drove the research that has resulted in these oddly succinct bios. Are donors not willing to share adult pictures of themselves? Do the sperm banks judge whether donors are mentally sound? How do I know if the family has a history of mental illness or addiction? I feel like that kind of information is more crucial to know than whether the sperm donor likes to go hiking on the weekends or stay in with a book and his dog.

Because of all these concerns, I was reluctant to start online shopping for sperm, though I acquire virtually everything else in my life on But I’ve ceded to the reality of my situation. Other than deciding to not become a mother, I only have three viable options:

  • Go on a man-hunt for the next three months until I lasso a dude who wants to have a baby. With me. (I mean, desperate women are like man-honey, are they not? No?)
  • Ask a male friend or a random stranger to donate their sperm for the purpose of conceiving a child they would have little to no involvement with. (I’ve asked – none of my male friends, or the strangers I’ve met, love this idea. Imagine that.)
  • Buy sperm from a reputable sperm bank.

Of course there is also a fourth option: adopt. But I’m putting that option on hold until I know I can’t get pregnant myself.

For a while, I was put off by the idea of going to a sperm bank to find a creatively minded, athletic, half Asian donor (I mean, if I get to basically genetically engineer this baby, why not make him/her like me?). Having browsed hundreds of profiles, I realized I had so many more questions about the donors besides the ones about mental health. Like, what if he’s a badass rock-climbing filmmaker…but he has no sense of humor? How would I know that? What are his brothers and sisters like? Is he able to maintain successful relationships with family and friends? What if he hates traveling and likes to participate in Civil War Reenactments? What if he hears “Yanny” and not “Laurel”?

Okay, okay. I kid.

But I started to think that getting sperm from someone I know was less risky because at least I know exactly the kind of person my child would get half of their DNA from. And since I’ve had decades to get to know some of my male friends, I can say that they’re — for the most part – emotionally stable, intelligent, caring, interesting men with good senses of humor.

Reading through donor profiles, it’s hard to say, really, what kind of people the donors are. And, honestly, that frightens me.

But one major benefit of using a sperm donor (whether it comes from a friend or a sperm bank) is that I am guaranteed 100% control over what becomes of my child and how I choose to live my life as a parent. And that is not a benefit I take lightly in the midst of a divorce, when my level of trust in any potential partner is at an all-time low.

Had I been successful in getting pregnant with my ex-husband, I would not just be embroiled in a torturous battle over assets and brands, I would be fighting for custody of a child.

So maybe even the shittiest of clouds still have silver linings.

The Road (And The Blog) Ahead

And that, my friends, is what I’m riding into the future on.

I wish simply telling myself “things could be so much worse” would instantly make my wide-open future feel less overwhelming, less like floating in the middle of a vast ocean with no landmarks and only my internal compass to guide me.

But that’s not how words work.

Instead, I’m just trying to focus on doing things that fill me with joy, while gently reminding myself that I have some pretty big decisions to make rather soon. And those decisions require me to have a sound mind and body.

For now, I’m finding my sound mind and body in the mountains of Lake Tahoe, California, and in Maui, Hawaii, where I have an Airstream parked and waiting for me any time I want to go surfing and check on my new business venture – a little coffee shop.

tasha hacker airstream
My awesome home in Maui. I call it my “land boat”.

While I was licking my break-up wounds in Maui last year, sleeping on my friend JoJo’s couch, we hatched a business plan that has now come to fruition. With a great deal of blood, sweat and tears from JoJo and a little support from me, Cowgirl Coffee is now open for business in Makawao, Maui.

cowgirl coffee maui
Giddyup and get your coffee from these two cowgirls!

So, there’s another silver lining.

And I’ve been writing again. This is a huge relief to me because writing does for my mind what running does for my body. They both give me strength and joy and something to focus on, as well as a goal to work towards. So I’m thrilled to be back. I’ve missed it. In a way, it is home to me.

I have things to share (and, perhaps, things to prove) about this life I’m trying to make for myself. And I know many of you out there have faced or are facing similar struggles. And I want to hear those stories, if you’re willing to share.

And just in case I forget why I came to the mountains and sought out solitude, I created a dedicated work space in my house that I love writing in. My desk, with a window looking out onto the woods, invites me to sit down and focus on writing stories that mean something to me. My bright pink chaise lounge invites me to sprawl out with my furry throw cushions and read stories that inspire me. And the gold magnetic board on the wall invites me to pin up quotes that remind me to keep looking forward.

tasha's turf writing space
A room of my own to write in

Like this one by Hellen Keller: “Believe. No pessimist ever discovered the secrets of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted island, or opened a new heaven to the human spirit.”

Right now, I am choosing to believe in myself.

Despite the fact that my future is entirely uncertain.

But then, isn’t that true for all of us?

One thing I do know is I have chosen to embark on a great number of journeys in my life that I have been uncertain about, including marriage. The only thing I’ve ever been certain of when taking on an adventure that terrifies me, is that no matter what happens, I will learn something along the way. And that certainty allows me, despite my fears, to step forward into the unknown. And today’s step is a new blog and a new website that will lead me who-knows-where.

Thanks for taking these first few steps with me…

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  1. I am glad to see you writing! I will be reading.

    1. Welcome to your new, fresh part of life. Let it be happy and full of joy. I am with you wherever you are. From Russia with love.

    2. Having read countless articles you have written, I can say confidently you have a gift. Stay focussed and let your dreams pull you forward.

  2. Congrats on getting back to writing! Hope the Amazon was amazing. Did it “deliver”? 😝

  3. So happy to see you writing again, Tasha! Sorry about the circumstances, and that this has been drawn out over SUCH a long, exhausting period of time.
    Hang in there and enjoy your current adventure. I will be tagging along to see where this all goes. 😘

  4. Get it, Tasha!

  5. Dear Tasha, I’ve been waiting for your new blog for awhile. As an artist or a writer, we create something from nothing and you do it well and it inspires, so many thanks for creating TashasTurf ! I look forward to more blog entries, and wish you well on this new course.

  6. Nice story Tasha, can’t wait to read the next chapter

  7. Tasha, Tasha, Tasha. You continue to amaze me.

    Helen Keller also said: “Security is mostly a superstition…. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” No one I know lives life more as a daring adventure than you.

    Grief is a difficult task master. There is no way around it, only through it. You can try to put it off by concentrating on other things but in the end it will always find you. You do need to grieve the death of your father, as well as the death of your marriage. It will take longer than you want it to.

    I just took a similar giant leap into the unknown in my own career. It feels all the ways you described: exciting, crazy, terrifying, life affirming and “Oh shit, what have I just done???” In the end, it had to be done (for multiple reasons, but mostly because my former business partner and I had arrived at a place where we were attempting to walk down the same path, but in different directions. There will never be a circumstance where that works. You, it sounds, were in a very similar situation. And yes, it involved accusations of theft [totally unfounded, of course, but that didn’t stop him from unleashing the attorneys on me], cease and desist orders, and a lot of other ugliness. But in spite of it all, I followed my heart and I know I did the right thing. How it will all turn out, I don’t know. But as our good friend Cheryl said to me, “Don’t worry, Donna, it will all be OK. Even if it isn’t.” I’ll leave you with the same advice.

    You are an amazing woman, Tasha Hacker. You are strong and brave and honest and true, with a golden heart. Follow that heart. It won’t let you down.

  8. This is great news!! I’m thrilled for you and your journey. Divorce absolutely sucks, but in the last year you have surrounded yourself with loving, supportive friends and created a fabulous new life. It must have been hard, agonizing work, but look where you are now! Keep focusing on your dreams and watch… miracles happen. But remember, sometimes the miracle might not be what you initially hoped for. There is a reason Maui is now one of your homes. It is a magical spot with the power to change lives. I speak from personal experience. With any luck, I hope to be back in Maui sooner than later. And will definitely check-in with Cowgirl Coffee. Makawao is one of my favorite places. Love me some paniolos!! Me ke aloha oi!!

  9. Tasha, your time will come. You were meant to be a Mother. You will find the perfect way to have this long awaited baby, whether by donor, by friend or by adoption. Pls never lose faith. I wish for you a beautiful baby of your own, that would make me so happy for you. You deserve this. God bless & all my love, your supporting friend from many moons ago.

  10. Tasha,

    We are so excited you are starting a blog again. Your Nashville Friends!

  11. You’re writing is inspiring! I love the way you approach life. 😘

  12. Glad you are writing again, your words are beautiful and empowering. Much love!

  13. I am so proud of you beyond measure!!! Soon you will see the sunshine!!!

  14. Rock on girl! You will be an amazing mother!

  15. 😘wow girl! 🙌🏻

  16. Dear Tasha,
    Thank you for your new breath, I loved your work always, and look forward to it.

    Sadly divorce also rocked my life, and it takes time to notice the proverbial silver linings, with some similar than yours (A:no kids, B: an antinuptial was in place & C: divorce now finalized and there was a clean break even though since Oct 2016 my life was a marionette to a hypergamous master manipulator PhD, I lost all “friends” & two years of my life and are deeper in debt than ever, but that tide has started to turn)

    We used to watch your channel together and dreamed of that life. You have such talent to relate to your viewers.

    Thank you for the new chapter to your life. It is your blog, it is your viewpoint and you can share everything on here, go for Gold!

    I can’t wait to start my blog too, I have always dreamed of getting it done, and finally I own my own life again, and it is getting better daily, once you start to understand the road ahead.

    Yes it hurts, yes, you had amazing memories together, yes, you planned the forever together, but once you get grip on the current reality you see the new dawn to be excited about, and the lessons learned was pricier than bargained for, but it has been learnt! Hooray! 🙂

    Lots of love from South Africa!

  17. 🍀♥️

  18. Beautiful writing! you are amazing, never forget that! sending Hugs and support to Tasha’s Turf!

  19. Yes!! I am so ready to come along with you and follow your adventures. I’m sort of in the same boat…except, I’m not on a boat and I already have a child. But, I want to live a life of adventure and joy, so we have that 😉 Your motivation is just the dose of inspiration I needed. I’m feeling in a bit of a slump as the dark part of the year blankets the Pacific North West. Yet with dark and cold nights come bright days with white snow. And the mountains on skis is one of my happiest places on our beautiful planet Earth.

  20. Dear cowgirl, I loved to read your story you are a gifted writer! When I was your age (41 now 65) I was a mother of a 6 year old girl and a 9 year old son devorcing their father who did not want to be a daddy and a few other things.
    What you did was right you have chosen for yourself and for your future Child. So did I and I would just do it… I could just do anything right? I was a father and a mother at the same time and also built a carreer. But. …don’t forget that the Children will always miss (and so did I) that strong sence which gives them the strength to be really happy and strong. No matter What I did…and What acheived I could never give them the full family they deserved. The mom&dad the other kids had..the full family dinners and bbq’s and holidays although I took them to New York (I live in Holland) and we went to ski together and more…but the pain remained.
    My advice to you is (to keep it short and please forgive me) don’t start a family on your own…particularly when you don’t know who the father really is. DNA is very important but happyness of the child too. And believe me… I was and still am the perfect mother. My children both finished their studies, are not on drugs or alcohol and are both building up their professional lives now. I was not rich.. worked very hard but parttime so I could be there to coach them after school. I live on a small pension now but I am lucky to be crew on a sailboat now in the Caribean!
    Wishing you lots of luck cowgirl and strength but also choose again for yourself☺

  21. Dear cowgirl, I loved to read your story you are a gifted writer! When I was your age (41 now 65) I was a mother of a 6 year old girl and a 9 year old son devorcing their father who did not want to be a daddy and a few other things.
    What you did was right you have chosen for yourself and for your future Child. So did I and I would just do it… I could just do anything right? I was a father and a mother at the same time and also built a carreer. But. …don’t forget that the Children will always miss (and so did I) that strong sence which gives them the strength to be really happy and strong. No matter What I did…and What acheived I could never give them the full family they deserved. The mom&dad the other kids had..the full family dinners and bbq’s and holidays although I took them to New York (I live in Holland) and we went to ski together and more…but the pain remained.
    My advice to you is (to keep it short and please forgive me) don’t start a family on your own…particularly when you don’t know who the father really is. DNA is very important but happyness of the child too. And believe me… I was and still am the perfect mother. My children both finished their studies, are not on drugs or alcohol and are both building up their professional lives now. I was not rich.. worked very hard but parttime so I could be there to coach them after school. I live on a small pension now but I am lucky to be crew on a sailboat now in the Caribean!
    Wishing you lots of luck cowgirl and strength but also choose again for yourself☺

  22. You are so inspiring! Please keep writing! I love following your adventures and hope to catch up with you in person again one day!

  23. Good luck on the fresh start!

  24. Amazing!! Thank you for sharing all thsg you have. I love reading your words and look forward to the next post.

  25. Just write on, life will decide what comes next. Forget the past, not worth worrying about it. You can create a thousand new blogs.

  26. Carrying on with carrying on. Excellent! I hope to read more about your shamanic adventure.

  27. Tasha,
    I have followed you for years, you wouldn’t remember but we met at Pusser’s in Annapolis last year. I was “star struck” as you are a true celebrity to me. I continue to be a fan and so hate that you have sailed through these troubled waters but just like the analogy you will get through, you will emerge on the other side a stronger person. You are very gifted both as a writer and creator. I have confidence that you will continue to do great things. I can’t wait to read your work and look forward not only to reading your blogs, but hope someday to have your work occupy a shelf on our boat as we make our way across both the physical oceans as well as the seas of life.

    Relationships like any other partnership (Coffee Shops, Consultancies or in our case a Charter Sailing Business) require work and if both partners do not put their all into the relationship then a time comes when one has to realize that as painful as dissolution is, you have to get away in order to continue to grow and thrive. I look forward to all you will do and hope you find that partner you are searching for. While I have deep rooted and somewhat antiquated value in the traditional family unit, I have come to learn over the years that a strong, caring and loving single parent can raise beautiful children who are completely supported physically and emotionally. I know you will be a great mother, a wonderful creator and given the choice I’d love to be your child! 😃

    I hope all the best for you as you embark on this next journey!!!

  28. Congrats Tasha – You are alive. Divorce sucks, I prefer to call it a reboot. Will watch this for further adventures. Be well – Doug

  29. fantastic …. your back … always love to read your stories

  30. Don’t look back, the future is bright.

  31. I devoured this whole post. And I hope there will be many more to come. I loved watching you sail but always felt something was off. Just little occasions when I could see you weren’t being treated very nicely. I have been married 26 years to my second husband. I send you all good and healthy happy vibes to find love, family, home.

  32. Hey I am ready .. haha

  33. You’re coming back. All the best to you!

  34. Tasha,

    I am truly sorry you have had to go through this painful experience, but you are stronger for it. It’s grest to see you writing again I always loved your videos and blogs you are eloquent and real.

    Looking forward to your next adventure.


  35. You are simply an amazing person. I am so glad to see you are back. Look forward to being a part of your journey and continue to be inspired by you.

  36. HeyTasha, Great to see you getting back on your feet and pursuing your dreams. Be safe be well and comfortable. Hoping the best for you. Texas.

  37. Tasha, I have missed your stories/writing/videos. You are an incredible creator. I’m happy you are coming out on the other side at last. Here’s to you, and your best days ahead. Cheers!

  38. Tasha hi, wonderful to read your blog again – truly missed it. Anxiety is an illusion it does not exist, do not let your mind get absorbed into the anxiety – use your yoga, meditation or what ever else works for you to connect your mind and body into the present moment – once there it is such a beautiful place to be in .
    I have a mantra that I remind myself off and I think this fits you perfectly ;

    No Energy
    No Life

    Know Energy
    Know Life

    Now get out there and live your life – so good to have you BACK !!!

  39. Tasha;
    As a long time boat captain, I have always admired you for your “gumption” while at sea. You still have it as witnessed in this blog.
    I wish you strength, happiness and longevity in all you future endeavors.
    Capt. Rick

  40. Tasha, So glad you finally resurfaced and sent out that Turf to Surf posting. Tasha’s Turf sounds fantastic. I loved following you through your sailing adventures. Susan and I went down to Abaco and took in depth catamaran training for eight days. We came away with multiple ASA certifications and were stoked to start bare boating! Life doesn’t usually go the way we all plan. We had already started a 3 Bdrm short term rental in Raleigh. It took off and we bought another one two years ago. Hard to believe, our sailing courses were three years ago! We still want to get back to it. We also have an aging aunt that we want to take care of. We have made architectural plans and have been negotiating for a piece of land for the past year. We need to build this new house (one level) and sell our two houses. So excited! The land owner just passed away! Could be 6 months before it gets done in probate. We are learning just like you are. There’s no such thing as a perfect plan. Every detour opens another possibility. (If you ever want more info about finding your possibilities, email me) You are a dynamic lady, you are smart, athletic and you certainly can write. You will find your way. And it’s going to be incredible!!

  41. Hey Tasha

    I’m so glad to hear you’re alive and doing what you want in life. Keep the vlog going and I can’t wait to read the next chapter.

    Good luck with everything and keep your head up.


  42. Tasha, congrats on the courage to tell your truth and for knowing what you need. I was so impressed by your storytelling on your last blog and look for to reading future posts here. You are an inspiration to me as I attempt to blog on our sailing adventures. We thought of you as we sailed through French Polynesia.

  43. Love your spirit and your honesty. Unfortunately, I only discovered your work during your final year at sea but I truly look forward to whatever is next in your journey. Godspeed.

  44. Know you are loved by all whom your words have touched. It is a difficult journey you are on, but your spirit is fierce and your will is unbreakable. Carolyn & I wish you the best in this next chapter and the community you created is here for support anytime you need it. You asked to hear our stories, I ask in what medium?

    Wishing you the best!
    Fair winds and following seas

  45. I truly appreciate this post. I¡¦ve been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thanks again

  46. good luck with the coffee shop

  47. Having read all of your posts, in ‘chasing the story,’ I find your writing style is wonderfully descriptive, personal, and a joy to read. I wish you beautiful sunsets, over peaceful waters.

  48. gosh, I found you through a sailing blog that was recommending some YouTube sailers to follow – went to your Youtube channel and found that you no longer were posting. Followed the link trail to find where you went to…and here you are.
    You are so very brave.
    We live in a Motorhome and its been so challenging. The last year and a bit I have been so close to leaving – my dreams are being held back and I am ready to scream. You have given me inspiration, and your courage – I wished I had half of your courage.
    We have children – we have been married for over 23+ years – its a huge decision ahead to see if I stay or go.
    Thanking you so much for sharing your journey, sorry its a very painful one. Looking forward to following your writing xx

  49. Hi Tasha,

    I am so happy to finally read your blog. I loved your channel and you guys inspired me to start my own journey to sail the world. I was so sad to hear that you broke up and now I’m so happy to read that you are picking up the pieces and moving forward. I truly wish you all the best with your future adventures and with your motherhood. I’m sure that you will find your way to accomplish that.

    Kind regards,

    Meni Dvir

  50. Hello
    I followed your trip on youtube from the beginning to La Rochelle.
    I’m happy to find your prose even if you have not written since October 29, 2018

  51. Good luck Tasha, thanks for sharing your new journey. You continue to be source of strength & inspiration even through difficult times, wishing you all the best x

  52. Love your writing. Love you blog and vlogs. Missed you and very happy to read you again.

  53. Awesome!!!Glad to hear your getting back on your feet. I watched your youtube channel for a bit then totally forgot about you guys till today. Looked at your last You tube vid and knew something was wrong (2 years last video upload) After doing some creeping I found your new site Im glad you shared your story. I know you had some some rough times and you probably didn’t even scratch the surface in your blog Your not alone in your journey. In any-case your not alone in your new uncharted voyage. I pray for you. Also Congrats on your licence Capt. Tasha

  54. I just stumbled over this. Only knowing you every so slightly in person, but a lot through your videos, writings, and FB, I’m confident you will get what you want and need in life. To me, you seem like a good human being who cares. Keep trucking forward and all of the pieces will fall into place. Or that what I tell myself!! I wish you the very best!!!

  55. Tasha,

    I wish you the very best of luck in fulfilling your dreams…keep moving forward and NEVER give up! Your strength, courage and heart will see you through.

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